Day 001: kicking the habit.

I've had a great weekend. Every year our group of friends always try to get away for the weekend and it's always around Christmas. This year has been no different. Me and all of the lads finished work on Friday and then met up for the weekend which mainly consisted of drinking beer eating food... Continue Reading →


Your last 6 weeks to smash the year. 

We now enter the countdown to Christmas with 6 or less working weeks left for everyone.  As always some of us may not have hit our goals and targets for the year but there is still time to build in some habits in advance of 2018. It takes 21 days to start forming a habit... Continue Reading →

The art of getting sh*t done!

We've all got shit to do right! that's a fact of life. Each and every day we all have 'stuff' to do whether that's our job, working out, looking after kids the list is endless. So what separates those who 'Get sh*t done' compared to those who do not? It's simple... they are disciplined. Discipline... Continue Reading →

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