Life is not an Instagram Filter: have empathy, be realistic.

I felt an urge to blog about this but I am still not sure why? I think that potentially, it is because of the sheer lack of empathy that one of my close friends had for his partner in a particularly hard time which, has impacted on their relationship to this day. Roughly 10 months... Continue Reading →


The art of getting sh*t done!

We've all got shit to do right! that's a fact of life. Each and every day we all have 'stuff' to do whether that's our job, working out, looking after kids the list is endless. So what separates those who 'Get sh*t done' compared to those who do not? It's simple... they are disciplined. Discipline... Continue Reading →

Why it’s ok to not give a F**K!

I've always had an interest in giving less of a F**K! It can be so draining always worrying about what others say, think, do and so on. At the end of the day you cannot please every single person on this planet, nor should you want to. You'd never get anything done, right!? I've always... Continue Reading →

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