5 tips to help you smash Mondays (by preparing on Sunday)


I love Mondays!

But for many of us, they suck!

I used to hate Mondays because I was never prepared, tired and sometimes very hungover! Now I love them because i’m always prepped.

Below are my 5 tips for smashing Monday out of the park!

  • 1) Use Sunday to get prepped – Don’t fear Monday on Sunday or it’ll ruin your entire day. Take 10 minutes in the  morning to work out exactly what you need to get done to succeed in the week ahead. Do you need to iron 3,4,5 shirts so that you aren’t rushing around each morning? Can you prep all of your food for the week so that you manage to stick to your healthy eating plans? Plan your must do’s early!

Once you have worked out your must do’s set aside some time on Sunday evening and get it done! That 1-2 hours now will save you 2-3 in the week along with a whole heap of stress!

But, it doesn’t finish there. Look at your work calendar what meetings do you have? What do you need to achieve? What are your work ‘Must do’ actions? Understand them, write them down! Prep, prep, prep!

  • 2) Get your 8 hours on Sunday – Common sense, don’t go to bed at an unreasonable hour, get your 8 hours in and get ready to start Monday early with all of your goals planned and prepped. As they say “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.


  • 3) Get up at 5am and exercise- That’s right, 5am. Get up, exercise and get ahead of the week while everyone else sleeps. Your lunch is already made, your shirts are ironed, you’ve gone to bed early and will be well rested so get up and move! Get those happy endorphin’s flowing and get a good breakfast in you ready to start the day


  • 4)  Get in to work early – You’ve already prepped for the week on Sunday! Revert back to your plan look at your ‘must do’ tasks and get them done. It’s so simple yet so effective. A proper plan not only sets up your Monday, but your week.


  • 5) Be positive – Don’t be the guy who’s been out on the beer all weekend, is tired, grumpy and bringing the mood down! Remember 99% of the time you aren’t the only one in the office(I used to be that guy). Positive people promote positive environments.







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