Monday Motivation: “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” The late, great Jim Rohn.

Have you had a crappy Monday?

Same old sh*t different week? Neck deep in a bottle of Rioja wondering how you’ll make it through tomorrow?

If so, here’s a book everyone should read and I suggest you download it now or order it from Amazon.

It is none other than ‘7 Strategies for wealth and happiness’ by Jim Rohn.

jim rohnThe late Mr. Rohn, a well known American business philosopher, entrepreneur and all round self help guru was well established around the world and his work is still read and studied today.

If you are sat on the sofa now feeling sorry for yourself at least do this one thing pick up your bank card and purchase this book.

Jim’s 7 very easy to follow and implement strategies will transform your mind set and help you reach your goals if you apply it to every day life!

I read this book in less than two days because I couldn’t put it down and immediately put his strategies in place and, although at times I sometimes forget to apply them all, every single day I do at least, carry my goal list around with me and on those days, when things are a bit rubbish (we all have those days) I simply pull out my goal list, take a couple of minutes to think and smile.

The book is filled with absolute gold from start to end.

I’ve attached a link below to one of his seminars in 1981… still relevant today that is for sure:


I know that he is well known and some of you may already know his work well but, I only discovered Jim Rohn 18 months ago so, if I can help introduce him to just one person who hasn’t heard of him then it’ll make me happy.

Roll on Tuesday!




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