Happy hump day! 5 tips to get you through.

Good old Wednesday!

That day of the week that isn’t quite close enough to the weekend to get excited and Monday’s woes are still to raw to move on from!

Don’t fear! here at the Thirty plus man we have provided you with 5 options to get you through Hump day!

  1. workout – Although you are probably having a midweek lull, this does not mean that you can drown your sorrows in beer, wine, junk food! 60% of your working week is nearly complete be proactive and get to the gym for an hour or get out in the sun for a run.
  2. As always prep, prep, prep! – What have you achieved this week? Are you behind or are you in front? Have you stuck to your plan and goals? take 30 minutes to plan tomorrow (Thursday) because by lunchtime you’ll be ahead of the curve.
  3. Read a book – here at the thirty plus man we love to read! We should all read, daily if possible.
  4. Plan a long weekend away – I’ve just booked a long weekend in Barcelona for the wife and I. Plan some relaxation time and don’t just pencil it in! do it!
  5. Smile – So what today may not have been great, but tomorrow will be. Don’t let the disappointment of today ruin your evening.


do not down tools, do not fall of the wagon with your diet or training! You can and will make it through hump day!

Chin up, man up, smile.


Happy Hump Day!


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