“Remember when you were a loser?” – Why your friends can’t cope with you being a ‘success’ 

“Remember when you were a loser?” My so called best friend said to me recently.

I remember thinking to myself “no you rude little F…” but I didn’t react.

I come from a single parent family, we never had any money growing up but my clothes were always clean, I was always fed and most importantly I was loved.

I do remember having to once find and count loose change to by a loaf of bread if that’s what makes me a loser? Nope didn’t think so. I call that surviving.

I was never lucky enough to get hand outs from parents and I am also not bitter towards those who have. What a luxury.

What I do remember having is an innate desire to be a success, to never have to scrape together money for bread again.

Don’t get me wrong people have had it far worse than me. I’m lucky.

Anyway back to my point and trying to remember how/when I was a loser.

For the past 10 years I’ve worked hard to be a ‘success’ we all define success differently for some, materialistic items mean your a success for me, not so much.

For me success is feeling proud, learning new things, being able to eat.

As the past 10 years have flown by the following have happened in no particular  order:

1. I learnt to drive (I could finally afford lessons)

2. I started earning more money than all of my friends

3. I had a beautiful wedding

4. I got my first company car (a Peugeot 206) what a car!

5. I graduated from University

6. I moved away from the town I grew up in

7. I started driving a Range Rover

8. I had no money to eat for three days

9. I had to scrape together enough money to buy a loaf of bread

10. I didn’t have enough money to buy soap

Some of the points above in particular; driving a Range Rover (which i do not own), moving away from ‘home’ and earning more money than my friends I guess, to them mean I am not a ‘loser’ anymore?

I never was a loser.

What I have noticed over the last three years particularly, is that social groups always have those few people who, like to feel above people or ‘better’ than others.

They don’t like to see friends do well, why? I guess only they can really answer that. I have a few ideas why but I don’t really care.

People should raise the friends up, support them and encourage success.

Yeah I drive a Range Rover do I care? No! Do I own it? No! Would I ever buy one? Nope!

Does that mean I’m a success? Does it hell!

What makes me a success is my attitude to life. I am grateful that I am healthy, happy and alive.

So to answer your question ‘mate’, no I don’t remember when I was a loser. I remember a time that I was hungry and now I am not.

Don’t let people’s materialism and materialistic aspirations define you as a loser.

Be proud and fuck what they think. Everyone is fighting their own battle don’t be a dick, be happy.


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