Why Conor McGregor is the greatest salesman on earth.

You’ve probably all seen the hype, love it, hate it or can’t decide? either way I think it’s fascinating for a number of reasons.

Firstly you have two very different worlds colliding in Boxing V MMA. The two biggest names from both sports literally smashing heads at a phenomenal rate.

In Conor McGregor you have the most charismatic sports star of all time, the man quite simply holds an audience like no other – he can fight a bit too.

In Mayweather you have the man that everyone has tried to beat, all have failed and many have paid to watch and want him to lose for a number of years. His boxing flair and ability simply cannot be ignored.

Love it or hate it, will people pay to watch it? absolutely and, the only real winners in this are Mayweather and McGregor. In two sports which have a very short careers you can only applaud them for being able to put on such a show and reap all of the cash reward for doing so.

I personally think that Mayweather wins and with ease, I am not a fan but his record and ability speaks for himself however; that is not to say that McGregor is not in with a punchers chance and it would be foolish to think that he cannot hurt Mayweather, he can.

What fascinates me most about this contest though, is the fact that Conor McGregor is quite clearly the best salesman on this planet.

A man who four years ago was fighting in front off 500 people and, is now set to take on the greatest boxer of all time. This is also the man who, no less than 5 years ago was unheard of. A fiery Irishmen, with the heart of a lion and the dedication to become a success and boy has he done that.

He has managed to secure a multi-million $ fight against a man who has ran boxing for decades, he has called the shots, taken the lion share and dictated who when and where.

Does McGregor give a flying f**k? absolutely not, will his bank balance looking pretty dam sweet win, lose or draw? Yes it will!

What I love most about McGregor is that on paper, he has no right to even suggest that this is a fight worth making, no right at all but this is the man who has time and time again torn up the rule book, stuck his middle finger in the air and not given a dam about who has the right to do anything!

To quote him “the champ does what the F**k he wants”. I am not a huge MMA fan I am actually a big boxing fan however; I take my hat off to McGregor he has already sold this fight and earned his pay cheque before he even steps into the ring.

I don’t care who wins but all I can say is, is that Conor McGregor is quite simply the greatest salesman on earth. You will never see something like this again. Will I pay to watch it? your dam right I will!

Bravo Conor Mcgregor, Bravo.





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