Why it’s ok to not give a F**K!

I’ve always had an interest in giving less of a F**K!

It can be so draining always worrying about what others say, think, do and so on. At the end of the day you cannot please every single person on this planet, nor should you want to.

You’d never get anything done, right!?

I’ve always lived by the rule that if someone doesn’t like me then ‘that’s cool’ people dislike people for a whole host of reasons such as jealousy, insecurity or feeling threatened, general dislike for you the list goes on!

Who cares…. more often than not those doing the disliking or hating have their own issues, I pity them. It must be so time consuming and energy draining being that person when, in reality, a little self focus would do them the world of good.

I stopped giving a fuck about 10 years ago now because of realising at an early age, all of the above traits that people have and, after realising I had a friend that fell into the bitter and jealous category whom also, used to sap all of the life out of me I finally thought ‘enough is enough’ and cut him off.

Yeah at first it sucked people thought I was being a dick, but did I have more energy? was I less negative about myself? was I happier? Yes, yes, yes.

Then everyone else started to realise this guy was a dick, did they think I was the dick anymore? I don’t know, did care? absolutely not.

Then I started to realise that, not giving a fuck was actually great because, it worked. I am not saying to staunch around the place being rude to people, you’d just straight up be an asshole if you did that.

What I am saying is this, at times you have to make hard decisions for the greater good especially when, they concern your day to day living and decision making process. So simply, understand and prioritise what is important to you. Understand what deserves your time and energy and give a fuck about all of that stuff.

If it is irrelevant, drags you down, upsets you, wastes your time etc etc then cut it off. Don’t give a fuck. Apply this to every single step of your life and you will realise that in a month, six months, a year you will feel like a much better person.

So I say, here’s to giving zero fucks to the negative irrelevant shit!

Focus on what is important, makes you happy and doesn’t waste your time.

Give it a bash.

And if you a good book to read try ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ by Mark Manson – that should help get you started on the road to not giving a single FUCK!




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