The art of getting sh*t done!

We’ve all got shit to do right! that’s a fact of life.

Each and every day we all have ‘stuff’ to do whether that’s our job, working out, looking after kids the list is endless.

So what separates those who ‘Get sh*t done’ compared to those who do not?

It’s simple… they are disciplined. Discipline is they key to getting things done. When you get things done, you get results, when you get results you get success.

I recently watched an old podcast of Joe Rogan’s and he came out with an incredible piece of advice that I loved “the brain is the general, the troops are the body, the troops don’t want to listen but f**k you, YOU LISTEN and you get up and you do it!” he’s giving an example of people who want to lose weight however; this is relevant to every form of getting stuff done.

People who are a success are those that engage the general (brain) and use the troops (hands, body, voice) to get whatever they need to get done, done!

I have blogged previously about the key to prepping, taking an hour to prep your next day.

By writing your tasks down you know exactly what you need to get done, you can order them hardest to easiest or vice versa.

The most successful people plan and are disciplined and just get stuff done, they make a start.

Half of the battle to getting stuff done is the simple act of just making a start! Have you ever sat down at the start of a day with a whole heap of stuff to do and not done any of it?

I have, and I felt guilty as hell afterwards.

Have you ever sat down at the start of a day with an entire mountain of tasks to complete and actually made a start at ticking them off?

I have, and it feels f**king awesome!

So here’s the very simple piece of advice that I can give you to getting stuff done.

Just. Make. A. Start.

Once you get started more often than not, you’ll find that you get everything done and from that, you begin to begin new tasks that weren’t even on your list!

So get up, get after it and get sh*t done!

Make a start, now.








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