We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

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It’s only November I know, but it is also only 6 weeks until we all break for the festive period to spend time with our loved ones and our friends.

Like most, I look forward to this time of year as I get a break from my busy work schedule and get to spend time with my wife, family & friends.

What I have noticed most probably, in the last 3 or 4 years is that this ‘happy’ time of year for most, is also an incredibly lonely time. That could be a grandparent who is widowed, a friend who has no family, a homeless person etc. I don’t know what it is but something inside of me changes around this time of year. Nearly two years ago I lost a friend to cancer and since then I guess I’ve realised that life is to short, those material things don’t mean so much and I don’t know why, but maybe I have seen a different side to life and value the little things like friendship, health and life itself… who knows.

But while we all wake up on December 25th to open our presents and over indulge many will be waking up alone, sad and not feeling that festive at all and that breaks my heart.

While we are running around with our new fitness tracker on or showing our new shoes that you got or counting all of the money you were gifted someone, somewhere will be feeling pretty hopeless.

This is a great time of year and I encourage everyone to enjoy it, cherish every single second. Not for the gifts, but for the simple gift of time. The time you get to spend (if you are lucky enough) with your friends and family. Relax enjoy the time off, smile, love.

I heard a saying the other day on a TV programme and I am sure many of you have heard it before but I haven’t but it did hit home.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

So what’s the point you ask? Quite simple, in the next six weeks help someone. No matter how big or how small it may be just help someone, you might make their day.

I’ve made a promise to myself to perform a random act of kindness every single day where possible even something as simple as holding a door for an old person, helping a mother move a pram up/down some stairs, making a coffee for a work colleague, buying a sandwich for the homeless guy I pass each day on my walk to work (you get the idea).

Simple but easy to do right?

If one person reads this and does something for someone then i’ll be happy no matter how simple it is.

Just remember this, we’ve all had times where you just want the world to give you a break no matter how small. Be that ‘break’ be the person that for that millisecond that makes someone smile or feel like the world doesn’t hate them.


Feel free to share this post and your random acts of kindness with me.

Have a great weekend



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